In Austin, the cost to play baseball has become so expensive that the average player has little chance of playing beyond Little League with an even lessor chance of being able to attend clinics or training camps. This is where Austin Baseball comes in, who’s vision is to provide help to those who want to play baseball, keep playing baseball (at all levels), and help build their character through team building skills such as team work, moral character, family and community values, leadership skills, discipline, physical fitness, courage, loyalty and patriotism. Help in the form of providing uniforms, cleats, baseballs and bats, gloves, hats and one-on-one training.

Our coaches, managers and experienced players will be the heartbeat of our organization who are willing to share their valuable experiences and serve as role models and mentors to further enhance a positive baseball experience.

Through the game of baseball, our managers, players and visiting dignitaries (former college and pro players) area youth will be able not only to play the game-but learn to play baseball the right way and for the right reasons.

As a non profit, Austin Baseball will be funded through donations (time, money and expertise), through the sale of two inventions where 35% of the sales will go toward funding Austin Baseball, and through the sale of a book titled, “5 Things it takes to win in baseball” where again 35% of the sales will go toward Austin Baseball.

Whether you are a coach, player, former player, umpire or involved in baseball in any way and want to help, please contact founder frank t at 512 736 4400 for details.